• dMA Paperless Worksite 2021

    In the last few years, the physical and digital realms have been overlapping more easily. Games and services like Pokémon Go and Waze redefine how we act in urban settings. Specifically, Augmented Reality provides new ways of not only interacting but shaping our environment. From IKEAs AR App which visualizes furniture from the catalog as an overlay in your living room to AR-enhanced assembly in factories and laboratories, this technology is finding its way to consumers and industries alike. This seminar will explore the possibilities of utilizing Microsoft Hololens and smartphones in architectural design and construction to bring digital models to reality. We propose the combination of high-tech design and fabrication techniques (AR, 3D Scanning, discrete aggregations, physical simulation) with low-tech and cheap construction materials and tools (concrete blocks without mortar) to build 1:1 construction prototypes of arches and other architectural elements.