• dMA Robotic Choreography Demonstrator 2019

    Robots in Architecture Exploring Human-Robot-Interaction and Robotic Fabrication Tutors: Victor Sardenberg I Andrea Kondziela The course “Robots in Architecture” introduces the potential of combining human interaction with robotic controlled design processes. Students were taught to use different technologies like AR and 3D cameras for communicating and interacting with the robot. The research topic of this semester was to explore human choreographies and the possibilities to transform those to the robot arm. Participants were invited to cross-pollinate movement in space and see them as a design tool that employ a concept of motions. They recorded human movements in space and transformed the collected data to robotically executed drawings. The further step was then to translate the same recorded movements to a spatial structure using a specific robotic fabrication technic. Participants were encouraged to conceptually design the shape of the modules according to the movements. The final assembling was done using Augmented Reality to assist for the exact positioning of the spatial structure. Students: Elena del Cura Beryal, Anna Koyachkova, Thuz Dinh, Shan Wang,  Yamin Stev, Kamilla Zambo Materialsponsor: JET Schaumstoff-Formteile GmbH