• KATAKOMBE 2020-21

    Press Release HERE! Time: 3 different dates and timezones November 28th, 2020 + December 12th, 2021 + January 23rd, 2021 Location: Städelschule Architecture Class Zoom Room   Die Gesellschaft in den Katakomben was, according to Günter Bock, a group of enthusiastic illustrated people who got together to have “their literary or other works discussed and assessed by knowledgeable acquaintances in a convivial atmosphere”. Founded in 1849 in Frankfurt by artists, scholars, and friends, the group was co-lead by Friedrich Maximilian Hessemer, teacher at the Städelschule.   Inspired by the mood of a Salon, we propose to reinforce this tradition at our school. The Katakombe in the Winter Semester 20/21 is a series of 3 online events to get together and discuss fresh work produced by colleagues. Our event is designed to amuse our senses through images, ideas, food, and drinks and to critically assess and discuss new works and ideas. As Horace would define Poetry, “either to please or to educate”, our evenings intends to do both.