• Moviola

    Consultancy in design a fabrication of the dome structure for the artist Marcio Ambrósio.   Thanks to the cranks that trigger the numerous gears, the audience interacts with the work; changing the thread of history, causing movement and aesthetic transformations, revealing unusual worlds and creatures. It is a personal reinterpretation of these universes focusing on the contemplation of the movement, analog and digital. The work is divided into 2 parts: the Moviola, sort of a “ship”, that allows the audience to navigate into the worlds. The Dome, a semi-dome shaped sculpture that supports the projection and propels the audience into an immersive journey. Turning wheel and cranks, the audience takes care of the "ship" and travels in the worlds, changes the world’s orientation, approaches or follows a creature, causing interference in the animation of the world he is discovering. This is why each history is unique... MOVIOLA makes the audience disconnect from the real world and brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. July,2014