• Pizza Toppings

    Read it here! Drude, Jan Philipp; Sardenberg, Victor (2020) The preparation of food usually follows a recipe towards a tasty dish. While such a recipe is usually just a guideline for the person cooking a meal for themselves or family, it was sometimes raised to the status of a chemical formula in Taylorist modernism, leading to repeatable dishes branded as trademarks of food franchises. (Preble, 1993) However, taste changes; today’s consumer is more interested in options and customisable orders. This is underlined by a survey published in the Wall Street Journal, whereas only one in five millennials ever tasted a Big Mac®.(Jargon, 2016) The former flagship burger seems to get less important under ever changing seasonal features and a wider menu then in Taylorist times. The desire for customisability in the food industry can be seen from Coca Cola’s printing names on Coke cans, to ordering your custom cereals at mymuesly.com, or simply personalising your burger at the food delivery service of your choice. This paper tries to follow this trend to an extreme, proposing a computer game-like approach to collaboratively topping up a pizza1 in virtual reality (VR) and preparing it using an augmented reality (AR) guiding mechanism.