• Four-dimensional objects, Cellular Automata and Virtual Reality – The Hypercocoon

    Read it here. This research focuses on the problem of 4D objects generation and its representation. The hypothesis is that through the use of Cellular Automata and contemporary media like Virtual Reality, we can have a new way to generate and experience 4D objects (Hyper-objects). The methodology is to use an interactive generative algorithm to produce the form of a Hyper-object and VR goggles to explore 3D slices of it. The representation of Cellular Automata systems is usually made by extrapolating one dimension. To exemplify: 1D CA is usually stacked to produce a 2D image. A 2D CA is stacked to produce a 3D Volume. Also, 3D CA systems are somehow represented as a series of 3D cubes because of our inability to imagine a 4D reality and what would be a 4D object, called Hyper-object.