• Form finding and generative systems: A theoretical and applied research project

    Read it here. LAMO seminar/workshop >> Em busca da forma, sistemas generativos (Form finding & generative systems) sought to deepen the theoretical and practical development of generative algorithms in design. It proposed to explore the advances of mathematics at the end of the 20th century, namely information theory and general systems theory. These advances provided a new set of techniques to find design solutions. Although these techniques have already been applied in areas such as engineering, graphic design and urbanism —​given their mathematical and computational nature — their application in architecture is still scarce. This event sought to translate computational techniques, such as cellular automata, L-systems, genetic algorithms and shape grammars, for generative form finding tools. The idea was to understand through experimentation how these techniques can be applied to solve design problems. The event was preceded by a research and was supported by an international scientific committee, gathering a group of researchers experienced in the referred techniques. This article describes the methodology, studying the results, evaluating the potentialities and limitations of each technique, considering future developments.