• HIGH-LOW Panels

    For the entrance wall of the 2011 International Festival of Electronic Language Exhibition (FILE) in São Paulo, repurposed `high-tech` CNC offcut sheet leftovers from the  Architectural Association Visiting School Workshops were re-clad with `low-tech` beach-chair type multiple-colour nylon piping, and mounted on a series of sliding tracks. Like violin bows, a series of fixed sound capture devices were activated by the sliding, rhythmically-spaced piping of the panels and the voids of the offcut sheet, and the sound was then digitally transformed, mutated and played back through a series of sound filters. The `low-tech` movement of the panels on tracks activated a `high-tech` sound transformation, producing a series of complex echoes in a non-linear sound landscape. Credits: SUBdV: Anne Save de Beaurecueil, Franklin Lee, Victor Sardenberg, André Romitelli, Lucas de Sordi, and João Fabricio de Oliveira