• Katakombe 2018

    Watch it here. Inspired by the mood of a Salon, I co-organized in 2018 an event at the Mensa of the Städelschule to get together and discuss fresh work produced by colleagues. Our event was designed to amuse our senses through drawings, images, ideas, food and drinks and to critically access and discuss new forms and perceptions in architecture, art, literature and dance. As Horace would define Poetry, “either to please or to educate”, our evening intends to do both. Table Hosts: Jonathan Sutanto Wu Kai Xun Victor Sardenberg Valentina Knežević Moderator: Louisa Schmitt Guests: Giacomo Pala Lucas Rehnman Till Schneider Sabine Plagemann Christina Chalupsky Giovanna Murolo Buompane Li Yi Viviane Letayf Robyn Doty Katja Cheraneva Huey Hoong Chan Bar & Drinks: Estefanía Muñoz Pascal Jung